I’m Stephanie Freij
Author of Festina Lente and currently finishing Tussen Nu En Niets.
Writing has always been a solace for me. Now, I am a burgeoning woman with a growing stack of books and insatiable desire for understanding. For years, between academic pursuits and teaching Social Studies, I captained my writings devoted to authentic living. As life moved on, though, it became necessary to meld together my interests in art, social studies, design, with my research and reflections on the social world. To that end, my books and other projects was born. I’m always looking for new challenges and ways to explore new horizons. So I’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you have. Hopefully we’ll cross paths someday so we can make it a better place together! Best regards, Stephanie Freij

Stephanie Freij has worn many hats in the last two decades: social studies student, teacher, writer, initiator of project called ‘Festina Lente’, webdesigner, and more. All of these interests are woven together with this common thread: a desire to understand.

In the fall of 2016/2017, she will probably be applying to university programs in a sociological discipline, with interests in comparative-historical sociology, religion and political theories of justice. In the meantime, she is wrapping up a poetic book about experiences of a holistic living with disability. Stephanie is also finishing her own artwork, which will focus on black and white finelining drawings.

Currently, Stephanie lives happily ever after in her hometown Tilburg, the Netherlands with her Beagle dog, Hummer. When not holed up in the theatre, she enjoys arthouse films, cooking, art and design, holistic health and rowdy sociological political discussions and a good glass of red wine with her friends.

She is also a coffee drinking wheelchair-user, creating user-friendly projects with simplicity and beauty in mind for everyone around the world. She is struggling with a muscle disease and ADD. But all that isn’t really a problem for having a productive or successful life. In fact, it helps her to be creative, innovative, and imaginative. She has also acquired a lot through self-education and constantly searching for more options to perform at her best.

Stephanie is best known as an avid philosopher by nature with an entrepreneurial spirit, sharing her own views and insights on her work with like-minded individuals. She believes in measured transparency and provides an open-book approach on her work to contribute to the success of others.

On a more personal note, Stephanie’s interests include philosophy, psychology, physics, and art; what she considers as the four cornerstones of inspiration in life. She is also a strong believer in the philosophical concept of ‘causality’, also known as ’cause and effect’. The belief that everything is interconnected in one way or another, and that one action always leads to another. This belief is carried over into her work as well as her daily life, because she understands that for every action, there’s in turn a subsequent reaction.